Chickens won't sleep in the coop at night.

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  1. ArekE

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    Sep 21, 2014
    I have some pullets and cockerels that wont sleep in the coop at night. Every night they either get on the roof or they go somewhere in the trees. When we go to lock them up we have to either climb the coop or climb the trees. So, what could i do to make them sleep in the coop?[​IMG]
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    Jul 17, 2014
    I would try leaving them in their coop straight for a week with lots of food and water to make them understand that this is their house. Maybe you can put some nets over your roof and connect them to a tree or something so they can't fly up there.

    If they're always flying in the trees, you can clip their wings if you're comfortable with that.
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    Locking them in the coop and run for a week is a good idea to 'home' them to the coop.
    Clipping wings might not be a good idea if you free range, as it lessens their defense against predators.

    Think about why they are not roosting in the coop:

    Do you have enough coop and roost space for the number of chickens you have?
    Pics of your coop and roost, or accurate dimensions in feet, would help folks help you figure a solution.

    Is there plenty of ventilation in the coop?
    What is your climate?
    Putting your location in your profile will help folks make more viable suggestions.

    Is there some kind of pest in there that makes them uncomfortable?
    Rodents, mites, etc...have you had any predator issues?

    How old and how many are these birds and how long have you had them?
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  4. ArekE

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    Sep 21, 2014
    Sorry about the late reply i dont think i do have enough roost i have about 14 feet of roost for 30 chickens.

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