chickens yelling constantly

Peggy Quentin

May 16, 2017
Some of my chickens yell all day long. I live on a small lot and it's annoying my neighbors. It seems to be related to wanting to be on the nest. But a broody chicken is staying on the nest. There are 6 other nests but that's the only one they want. What to do?
Is she sitting on fertile eggs?
If not there are different ways to try to break her out of the broodiness.

Other hens may need a different treatment. The best way I know to break a determined broody hen is to confine her to a wire-bottomed cage, like a rabbit or parrot cage, and place that cage up on sawhorses, blocks, or hang it from the rafters, so that air can flow up underneath. Provide food and water, but NO bedding. Keep her in there for 3-4 days, unless she lays an egg no earlier.
Unfortunately chickens make noise. I never worried about it, but only had one neighbor (BIL) for 20 years. I am on agricultural land. A development was built directly behind me In 2005 & so far no one has complained. I've even had roosters from time to time. The hens get quite noisy when they are all laying during the day. The two houses behind me could clearly see the chickens when they bought their houses. I toured the one behind me just to see what they could see! On a small lot it could be a problem and there is not much you can do, frankly.
Hens are at their noisiest during the time of day they are engaged in the process of laying eggs. The rest of the time, they are generally quiet and well behaved. Roosters will add to the cacophony as they answer the hens' chorus which surrounds the egg laying period. There is absolutely no way to avoid this.

You haven't said whether you want your broody to sit and hatch fertilized eggs. If you do not wish this, you can do nothing, allowing her hormones to run their natural course which takes three weeks at the very minimum. Or you can quench the hormones in about three days by incarcerating the hen in a broody-breaking cage as KikisGirls recommends. The choice is up to you.

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