Jan 14, 2016
I am new to chicken rearing, I am very eggcited lol for my new feather babies. I have a little giant still air incubator w/egg turner. I know someone who has Silkie eggs she is willing to sale me. How hardy is this breed? And if anyone knows, how much should I pay for the eggs?

What is the hatch rate for Silkies in an incubator? Any information would be helpful. I have just started hatching in my incubator, I placed 5 eggs....
1 was not fertile threw out after 10 days, the rest were fertile one hatched on time... wing deformity
the 2nd hatched 2 days late was normal
3rd one started hatching 2 days late but I had to help it out of the shell it was 24 hours after it started and appeared to no be making in progress this morning and the membrane & shell was sticking to him because he was drying out. I will check on him when I get home or an update will come in around lunch from my husband on him. the last egg.... I dropped by accident, I was candling to make sure he was still alive, He has not started to attempt hatching.

As I said I'm a rookie and need a lot of coaching/advice that anyone can give.

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 20, 2015
This is the quail section - you might find more knowledge regarding Silkies elsewhere. At least I cant help you. But

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