penny harris

Sep 3, 2019
my name is penny harris i am about to be 62 this is my frist time raising chickens we bought a dozen of barn yard mix frist put in enkabator we hatch 6 out 12 an they were all so beautiful that hook us i had ask a question earlyer lady told me to try enkabate the eggs when out to get the moma went crazy an flue out the pin so i brought the babies inside the only 2 she i got the rest of the eggs on enkabator she said they probley wouldnt hatch but it was worth try so we see what happens
Welcome Penny to a wonderful place where no one thinks it's odd that you have fallen in love with your chickens. As a first-timer, you will have so many great adventures ahead of you.
Maybe your eggs will hatch, maybe they won't. At least you tried. Sometimes, life surprises you and things that shouldn't happen just do. Good luck with the eggs and your new flock.

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