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10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Welcome Fellow Aussies... With this land being such a huge place- a few of us decided it was big enough for two threads on here... so here we go on number two- a thread started with a slower pace in mind than the original Australian thread. Please feel welcome to post but keep in mind that too much general chat does sometimes discourage some people from adding to the thread.

Grab a cuppa and sit for a read through some more local flavour chooky tales, and share your own stories.

Welcome aboard
if you are new to the site - come introduce yourself.
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Hey there Farmer.. Hope things are nice and green over your way. Fantastic kind of weather we have had down here lately!! Just pity about the the wind and storms.
Hi there! I'm in Canberra
I've got 8 adult ducks and 7 ducklings between 3 and 5 weeks old.

Finally getting a bit of warm summery weather here - Canberra is slow to catch up....

Are you going to let your ducks sit, Duckyfromoz?
I have... 20 outside...and 16 babies inside. ( Indian Runners mostly ) 10 are going home this weekend- as they arent mine. I just dropped off a turkey I hatched for one friend as well. And I just found a beak in the aircell of an egg when I candled the eggs that are nearly due to hatch.

What breed did you hatch? They really are gorgeous arent they ?? So different to chickens.
Hi all. Nice to see you all here! I'm from Tasmania,and have mainly Silkies and Game birds,plus some Beautiful Runner Ducks(thanks Ducky!!). Am a proud Mum tonight,my first Malay game that I bred hatched today,here's a photo(don't all proud Mums show photos?)

's the first three,there are more to come.
Welcome all! Look forward to getting to know you all!

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