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Aug 17, 2020
This is gonna be kinda long so grab your popcorn and enjoy!

Nilla- Nilla is a 2 year old ISA Brown hen who is light brown with white (laced kinda) feathers on her back. Shes not the tamest chicken I have but definitely not the most skittish, she doesn't like to be held but doesn't mind eating treats out of your hand.

Goldie- Goldie is also a 2 year old ISA Brown hen. She is the lightest ISA Brown I have in color and she is solid "Gold". She is least tame ISA brown but she still gets treats.

Angel- Angel is another 2 year old ISA brown hen. She is my most tame ISA brown and loves to sit on my lap. She is solid dark brown in color.

Honey- Honey is the last of the 2 year old ISA Browns. She has the same color as Nilla but less white. Shes bot as tame as Angel but more tame than Nilla or Goldie.

Cinnamon- Cinnamon is a two year old Cinnamon Queen hen. She is one of my tamest birds and doesn't mind being picked up and held. Shes light brown and has white markings.

Nutmeg- Nutmeg is a 2 year old Cinnamon Queen hen who is mostly white except for her head and neck. Shes way less tame than Cinnamon but if I have food she come over to see what's going on

Ginger- Ginger is a 2-year-old Rhode Island Red hen. Shes my Largest hen I have and pretty friendly. Shes A deep red in color and isn't a lap chicken but likes a few pats here and there.

Salt- Salt is a 2 year old Barred rock hen , I tell her apart from pepper because she has a yellow beak and larger wattles, neither of the barred rocks are super tame, salt is more friendly than pepper.

Pepper- Pepper is a 2 year old Barred rock hen, she has an all black beak and small wattles, shes recovering from when i had too many roosters and her back was bald(I have fixed the issue so they are all recovering nicely)

Juliet- Juliet is a 2 year old SLW Hen, Ironically she spends most of her day with Romeo, She loves cabbage hanging from the ceiling and is super welcoming to new birds.

Romeo- Romeo is a 2 year old SLW Rooster, he is super sweet and has never attacked me or any of my family, though he does attack strangers, which i dont mind because that means he protects my hens. He only has one eye from a fight with another rooster(Who we got rid of when we got rid of some). If you pick him up from his blind side he will fly away but if he sees you hes a sweet one eyed boy

This is the end of my first generation of birds, now entering generation 2

Paprika- Paprika is a 1 year old red mix (I dont really know the exact breeds in her mix). She is a light red and has black feathers on her wings and tail. She went broody once and had a disastrous hatch (story will be told down below).

Mahogany- Mahogany is a 1 year old red mix hen, like her sister. She is a deeper red with black wings and tail, and shes not the motherly type like her sister. She and her sister lay brown eggs with dark brow specs

Sapphire- Sapphire is a 1 year old Sapphire splash Hen, if my flock was a book she would probably be a background character, shes not friendly or skittish, just there. When we free range the flock, her and ruby go out the farthest, they like to explore.

Ruby- Ruby is a 1 year old Sapphire Splash Hen. In the sense of Sapphire with just being there, she and Sapphire spend their time together, She and Sapphire and both pure white with grey and black flecks, though sapphire has more gray and black than ruby.

Fawn- Fawn is a 1 year old hen. We dont know the breed, we bought her as a buckeye from tractor supply but she looks like a brown leghorn bantam if those exist. She has a golden head, black tail feathers, and is a gradient in between. Her earlobes are red and white mixed and she lays small white eggs. She is super small which is why we think bantam and she has a "gamey" bird body.

That is all for Generation 2, to generation 3

Opal- Opal is a 6 month old Easter Egger X Sapphier splash hen, She has the facial features of an EE such as a rounded neck, not wattles and a pea comb, though she doesn't have muffs or a beard. Shes solid white with black and gray like her mother, and solid gray legs like her EE father.

Jasper- Also know to us as red white and blue, his dad has also the EE that is Opals dad. He has blue wings, a white under belly, red back, and a bunch of other beautiful colors. He is a speacial boy to me because he was my first successful assisted hatch (story will be below soon)

Pearl- Pearl is a light Brahma Hen, she is 6 months old and she is Jaspers hen. If you pick her up he will bite you, but touch any other hen and he could care less, and i dont blame him for liking her, shes super sweet and pretty.

Smore- Im not supposed to pick favorites but if i did, Smore would be it. She is the sweetest most tame hen ive ever had- belonging to generation 4. She came out of that "Disastrous hatch" from Paprika, though that story will be for the next segment.

We are done with chickens.. Lets move down to the deep end with the ducks!

Donald- Donald is a big Pekin Duck, he is solid white and my biggest bird, coming close to 15 pounds.

Aflack- Aflack is also a pekin duck. Hes the most tame out of the ducks, letting me hold him and give him treats by hand

Malen- Malen is a Rouen Duck. We named him Malen because he looks like a Mallard. Hes also friendly but doesnt like to be picked up.

Clackers- Clackers is a Khaki Campbell duck. Hes the most skittish of the ducks and the smallest. he doesn't like to be picked up, held, or given treats. i dont know if its the khaki Campbells breed or what but hes not that tame

Birds i had but no longer have and why

hope, spider, and wish- all hatched from bad eggs very early in my hatching experience and didn't make it through

Frost, Aspen, Bliss and Moon- All roosters i have rehomed when i had too many and they were picking on Romeo and the hens

Onyx and Marshmallow- My mom wanted to start herself a flock and wanted a hen and a rooster, but ended up getting two hens

Silver- We got Silver from a lady here on BYC, since my mom wanted a rooster, we let my mom have Silver, who is honestly one of the best roosters I've ever seen (kind of jealous and 100% would have kept him if i didn't have 2 already

Hershy and kiss- My first and last Guinea fowl- Hershey broke his leg and we put him down because he wouldn't eat and we rehomed kiss to my neighbor with other guineas, we learned that guineas if not raised around people would rather kill themselves then let you hold them

Ember and Diamond- Both roosters who got coccidiosis and died from it, even after treatment with corid. Luckily i caught it when only those to had it bad and all the rest survived

How i obtained all my birds

Nilla, Angel, Goldie, Honey- Bought at tractor supply

Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Salt, Pepper, Romeo, Juliet- Bought at a local feed store

Ember,Aspen,Frost- hatched my self- same batch as Hope, spider, and wish

Mahogany, Paprika- Bought at a flea market

Sapphire-Ruby-Fawn-Bliss- Bought at Tractor Supply

Onyx-Moon-Jasper-Opal- Hatched my self (This is the story of jaspers hatch. Moons was the first to hatch we recorded it and its on YouTube I'll put the vid here later. that night i stayed up to watch Opal hatch, Then i went to Bed and in the morning, Onyx hatched and all three fluffies went to the brooder with 2 ducklings. If you look at my threads or maybe ill link it here, you'll see some pictures as these events were happening. anyways 2 eggs were left and nothing came from one and one was peeping. we cracked open the one and found a chick that was deformed. I waited until that night to begin, It had started pipping and it stopped for i don't remember how long but anyways. so that night he made no progress and the membrane had turned yellow and dry. i had hatched a video about this so i grabbed a paint brush and a little water and once i put a drop of water down, the blood receded, and the membrane became moist. At this point little jasper was to exhausted to do anything so i spent all night picking at his shell and moistening the membrane. once i got to the navel it looked bloody and i thought i made a mistake and acted too soon, but Jasper ripped of the umbilical cord and i put a little betadine on it. he looked weak and i wasn't sure if he would make it but he pulled through and is a pretty boy today.)

Smore and Marshmallow- When paprika went broody all was well. I candled the eggs on day 7 however and saw 3 cracked eggs with live babies inside. I rushed them in and got out my incubator and started it up while i acted on the eggs. I covered the cracks in wax and incubated them until they hatched. out of 3 cracked eggs came 2 hens that are loved very much.

Donald, Aflack, Malen, and clackers- all bought from tractor supply

Diamond and pearl- bought at local feed store

Silver- A nice lady drove to our local walmart to give us a rooster to give him a good home
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Pic 1- Onyx and marshmallow
Pic 2- Silver
Pic 3- Smore having a sleepover inside
Pic 4- Moon going to his new home
Pic 5- Baby Moon
Pic 6- Baby Moon
Pic 7- Baby Onyx
Pic 8- Baby Opal
Pic 9- duckling kiss
Pic 10- Frost
Pic 11- Juliet
Pic 12- Cinnamon making a funny face
Pic 13- Cinnamon making a pretty face
Pic 14- young Fawn
Pic 15- Free ranging
Pic 16- Free ranging
Pic 17- Free ranging
Pic 18- Angel
Pic 19- young salt


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Some nice photos of some lovely birds! Thanks for sharing -- a few made me smile, a couple made me laugh!
Glad you liked it. This is going to be the thread where I post pics and tell stories of what's going on with my flock as the events happen. This super long post is just the names and discribtion of everyone.
So my SLW rooster Romeo is a bad victim of two feather picking hens, Paprika and Fawn. He has no feathers on his tail. What I'm going to start now is scrambling eggs to give them some protein and maybe even an extra protein food. Then when this spring comes and it starts getting warmer I am going to separate him and give only him scrambled eggs. Hopefully that resolves the issue as I do not want to rehome the two hens.

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