Chickenstock / Birthday party Oct 31 Ma

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Shay's Flock of Fun
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
in the wild, Mass
Ok peeps Chickenstock on Oct 31, this is my Hubbys birthday, yep he is a halloween baby lol

any who i wanted to throw him a surprise birthday cake and every one is invited

and a way around it so he dont know it is for his birthday is have another Chickenstock woohooo

So Chickenstock / birthday party my place Oct 31
181 Fitchburg rd
Townsend ma 01469
rt 13
I think its about time we all show our appreciation for everything Shay and Jose have done getting these swaps running,all the food and donations to the food table and raffle.They always go above and beyond.They have quickly become good friends to us and have never asked for anything.As a sign of our appreciation we are going to make a turkey ,stuffing and butternut squash for the next swap and donate some laying hens and a few bottles of wine to the next raffle to help them off set some of the cost of running and advertising the swap.Any one else?????
awwwww thank you so much,

yummmm turkey and stuffing
Chickie'sMoma :

Jose really deserves this party! he does sooo much for you around there!

Yes he does, every ones says does he ever stop, lol i say ummmm nope, lol when he sleeps, lol
He really enjoys haveing teh chickenstocks with all of you, he enjoys talking with every one and seeing everyone haveing a good time.​
WE always have such a good time and even from the first day everyone has made us feel like friends.Thank you everyone
I will be bringing a garden salad and assorted dressings, crotons etc. . Maybe some champagne and chicks for the raffle table. Not sure if you will recognize us in our costumes.
For sale i have
Blue sweedish drake about 5 to 6 months old i think hehe
gL wayndotte pullet chick

D'uccle chicks, milli fluer and porciline 3 or 4
Brahma bantam chicks
Red frizzle cochin bantam chicks
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Shay, i'm thinking one of those orange/buff chicks i got from you last weekend may have been a very light colored d'uccle! it has a beard/muff and the stance seems like a d'uccle! but it is to light to be a milli and certainly not the color of a porcelain! you may have some interesting colors in that box!
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