chickenzoo's decal....


11 Years
May 20, 2008
Chambersburg, Pa.
Last week I put my d'Anvers for sale on CL. A gentleman answered the ad and wanted to buy all 4 that I had. I gave him my addy and it turned out he only lived 2 miles down the road. He got here and turned out to be a really nice guy and took all 4 birds. As we were talking, he said after I gave him my addy, he bet his wife that I was the lady with the chicken decal on my Durango. When he pulled up and saw my back window he laughed to himself, because he had won the bet. He said at some point they had been behind me and got a laugh about my chicken decal from chickenzoo. I had purchased one last year...the one that says Chickens are like Potato Chips.... I guess I am known in town as the lady with chicken decals on my car LoL. Thanks again for the decal chickenzoo, my car wears it with pride lol!! Of course my BYC bumper sticker is on there too!

It made me giggle, so I thought I should share

I joked about having close to 100 chickens now, he said I was doing better than him. We have gone past his house several times since and I still am not sure where he is hiding over 100 chickens lol.

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