Chicks Afraid of Anything New!!


5 Years
Jan 27, 2014
Central Oregon
Silly question I'm sure, but today when I got home from work I thought since I was due to do a total cleanup of the brooder box that I'd put a small divot of dirt/grass in there for my 4 BA chicks to play with....NOT!

They ran to the other end of the brooder and won't go near it....WHY???

A few days ago I had put a small piece of millet in there for them to play with...NOT!! What's up with my silly chicks???
Thanks, hildar...silly little things...they drive me crazy at times!!
This is very very normal. Chickens love routine and are, in general, afraid of new things (even positive things). This is especially true when they are young. They are prey animals and their brains are wired in CAUTION mode. Just keep trying and eventually they will get used to changes.
However i get an occasional baby that isn't afraid of anything. I had one like that, and she bossed the dog around, the cat around, and even started bossing the neighbors horse around, nothing seemed to bother her at all and when she was a year old she tried bossing a big stray dog around and ended up getting hurt bad. So watch the ones that will not be afraid at first. they may end up being a bit to curious, or to overly into being the first one to check things out and end up getting killed doing it.

It was kind of cute though looking at a tiny chick trying to boss the horse around, the horse would just look at it was saying "right, I could eat you in a minute." When she got older she would actually peck it on the nose still like she did when she was little.

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