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leanne irvine

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Aug 28, 2019
hi. i have both chickens and ducks sitting on eggs, and have just purchased an incubator (after losing all my new born flock last year to rats)… Can i pull the eggs away from the mothers to put in the incubator (and if so, is it ok to pull away say 5 or 6 out of 15 eggs, so to leave her some to continue sitting on)?
welcome any advice please.
thanks for the response. i lost all 6 of my last flock as they hatched, to water rats that came up from my creek. i relied on the mum to take care of them, but she wasn't able to. so this way they may have a fighting chance. i thought it would be worth a try... :)
Is there any way you can predator proof your run?

Sorry to hear you've had a problem with rats getting your chicks in the past. I found this article in the Learning Center...maybe there will be something in it that could be of help in preventing the rats from entering the coop?

I've never hatched so will leave it to others with experience to answer your question about taking the eggs.

Best of luck to you!
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If you have a calibrated (separately purchased) thermometer and humidity gauge and know your bators hot and cool spots then sure you can steal some eggs.

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