Chicks and their daddy! Wanted to share!

bloom chicks

8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Today my chicks were out and about the flock! They are a week and half old. One of the chicks went up to my alpha rooster and started pulling on his waddles and Lance (rooster) just let her do it. He is so good with the babies. I couldn't have asked for a better rooster. He is also protecting my daughter from the other rooster that likes to challenge my daughter and husband. I am ready to get rid of him but my husband feels bad for him.....
I noticed my rooster went over to his offspring yesterday and was scratching and making his "here's the food" noise. Like yours, he is gentle with the chicks. Ain't it fun to have a good gentleman rooster.
From the far side of the garden I saw our CBM roo clear the fence surrounding the youngsters pen to mate their mother. By the time I got there it was too late on that front but I was worried about the young chicks. To my surprise Mr Arsey - a name well-earned - was lying with his head and neck stretched out on the ground with the "kids" all round him. I removed him all the same, he's not the nut-job he was originally but chances aren't to be taken.

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