Chicks are hatching after 12 hours without power - QUESTION and PICS


9 Years
Aug 3, 2010
Huntington, WV
After the 27 eggs - all viable at day 14 - spent 12 hours or more unplugged on day 16. . .
One Copper Marans has hatched
3 more are pippin -




This is a day early - day 20 -

How long can I be sure the chicks that hatch are fine in the bator?

What should the humidity be?

Should the vent be closed, half or open on the brinsea octo 20?

How long once eggs are pipped does it take to hatch or know it isn't going to finish?
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Man that is some luck you're having! I would not open the bator, and the hatchlings are probably keeping the humidity up. I would keep the vents closed right now, I guess.
I've been lucky before and had them hatch within a few hours after pipping. But I don't have as much experience as most BYCers. I have read that pipping to hatch is 12-48 hours. In my opinion, one that takes two days to finally hatch may not be a very strong chick to raise. But with that said. I usually open the vents during hatching.

Glad they are hatching for you! I don't have a Brinsea, but hear they recover heat and humidity well if you have to take some out. I try to leave my 1602n closed 'till they're hatched and fluffed; but have removed some and left a late hatcher before. I try to keep humidity at 65%, opening the vent to let moist air out if necessary. There's no set average time from pip to hatch that I've heard of.
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I was hoping you'd have some hatch! Have you candled since the plug was pulled, or just going to wait and see? I hope they all hatch!

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