Chicks are out growing my "temporary " need a quick fix!

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May 20, 2011
My husband is still working on our tractor for the chicks. They are 6 weeks old and out growing the little hut thingy I made for them. Is there any quick little runns I can make for a temporary fix to a over crowded apartment for chicks? We have a cat that is very interested in the chicks so unless I put her in my dog crate while they free range I would rather contain them safely.

Thanks you
I have chicken wire. I was thinking maybe I could stack up the wire some how. The dog kennel idea is a good one but not a option at this moment.

Think think think , quote from Pooh
We do square foot gardening and use poultry fence to cover our plants all summer hind of like a top hat so to say for our boxes to keep critters from using our garden as a Diner. Get 3 8foot 2x3's about 2 bucks a piece cut one in half screw them together to make a 4foot by 8 foot rectangle get some cheap poultry fence or hardware cloth (on sale home depot this weekend) roll out fencing (wear glasses and gloves..its all fun and games til someone gets their eye poked out) make it flat as you can fold fencing at corners where it will wrap around the wooden box you made. Once you have the sides built cut more fence to make a top and there yah go cheap run. (you may want to get some trashbag ties or zip ties to secure fencing (you might want to only use it when you can watch though if you have a hungrey cat.
These were made with scrap PVC and 1x2 wood
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Ok I am the queen of making something out of recycled stuff . As soon as I figure out ho to post a picture I will.
A roll of wire and some steel fence posts doesn't take too long. When you don't need it anymore, you can pull up the fence posts. For keeping a cat out, you'd need a top. You can use some of the wire for a top if you make the run the same width as the height of the roll of wire. I use C-clips for latches, to close the wire. I just latch it to the wire at the other side of the door opening.
Are you planning on leaving them out in that at night? It won't be a problem if you're predator free, not sure where you live. But, FYI, chicken wire is not very good at keeping predators out and they can reach thru and grab your chix and rip their heads off and bodies apart and pull body parts thru the chicken wire holes, if they don't just rip a hole in the wire itself. Read up in the BYC predator section and you'll be scared straight!!! I would recommend using hardware wire around it instead of chicken wire and the best thing would be a more solid type house during the night. Maybe you could get an old dog house or something and just seal up the door at night.

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