Chicks arrived today...littlest one has odd eye placement.

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Hi there,

Anyone ever bumped into a chick that was much smaller, and had a face that I can only describe as a chick who's face looks like it has Downs Syndrome? I've had this once before in a hatch, and the chick was incredibly small, always behind, took days to start eating, and very needy. Of course she ended up being our favorite, but she didn't end up making it past a few weeks due to something going after it (chicken or rat?) Anyway, here we are again with a chick that looks identical in facial features and she's having a very difficult time after day one. Tiniest eyes ever, (so tiny you wonder if she can see), eye placement is closer toward the beak, she can't find the water very well, pecks in the air, very wobbly, and hasn't figured out the feed yet. Peeps like she's lost, and sleeps constantly.

She's a campine chick who's already received the pet name "Doodle Do". (Sorry I don't have any pics as of yet.)

I'm not worried about the not eating yet, because I know from experience with the last one, that will probably just take a little work with her. It's the facial features with the similar behavior which are striking and puzzling.

Warm Regards,

Mama Knucker Hatch

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