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I am going to buy some chicks from them in a few days. The only problem is, when I went to inspect them today, the employees told me they were all purebred but had no idea what breeds they were. They did say, however, that they got one of the assorted breed packages from Ideal.
I could identify three different colorations. One was tan with two red stripes along the back, which one other customer said were RIR. The second were very, very light blonde colored. And the third were black, but with yellow vents and facial markings?
I have no clue what the last two breeds are. I'd really like to know, especially with the black and yellow chicks, because they will be the first I pick out to buy.
I figured I'd ask you guys, because the people here are more likely to know (or at least make a good assumption) than the clueless employees there. I even asked every one there, and none raised chickens.

Can anyone help?

If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies. Still new here.
Wow, I can't believe they don't know what they're selling! If I had to guess, without seeing them, I'd say the black with the yellow could be barred rocks. What color where their legs? Barred rocks will have yellow legs. Some can have some greyish black penciling on the fronts. If the legs are black (or grey) I'd say those are Australorps. The Blondish colored ones... Did they have feathers on their feet? If not, and they were a butterscotch color, I'd guess they are Buff Orpingtons. All the breeds I guessed are great birds, personality, and lay rate wise. Let us know what you find out. You may even call and ask the manager if they know what breeds they are. Hope this helps!
Good Luck!
Can you look at Ideal's website and see if they show what the different breeds of baby chicks look like? If they don't show any, I think McMurray shows baby chicks. Maybe you could identify what TSC has by looking at some chick pictures. That's the problem with the folks at TSC, they have no idea what they are getting in. Good Luck.
Okay, have been looking at pictures and identified the black and yellow chicks as barred rocks. The others were lighter than buff orprington chicks, though. Like almost white. I am still searching for ones that look like them, then I will let you all know.

All in all, I could just buy the chicks, wait and see!
Could possibly be leghorns. Our Rural King has baby chics from ideal, and the real light yellow ones that they have are leghorns. Read up on leghorns before buying! They can be aggresive, flightly, and don't much care to be "confined"
The yellow one sounds like my leghorns, which are now white. They like to fly, but mine are sweet, one goes on the perch for a hug, she wraps her head and neck around my neck, so I call it a hug. She is one of my favorite birds.

Good luck and have fun!
Did TS say if they are pullets, straight run, or cockerels? If they don't know the breeds then they probably don't know this either. If you buy some of these without knowing what they are you could end of with all roosters.

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