chicks ate foam rubber


6 Years
Nov 20, 2013
Durango, Colorado
I just noticed that my 2-week old chicks were able to peck and eat the foam packing I had put the corners to round them. I have removed it, but there is about 3-4 teaspoons worth of foam (not styrofoam, but like a fine sponge) missing among 24 chicks. They have had some grit with dandilions, but I am worried about this substance. I don't suppose there is anything I can do if I start seeing sickly birds?? Right now they all look fine, and they just started succeeding in eating it in the last 2 days.
With the grit you've given them, I think they will be able to grind it up and pass it through. My chicken have eaten a Styrofoam ice chest and packing peanuts, without any side affects.
That is how wee chicks explore their world. Chicks come into this world curious. The only device they possess to satisfy their curiosity is their bills. Chickens unlike horses are unlikely to break their necks by running headlong into a wall. So a square brooder is just fine. It is good to
be careful about the materials you expose them to, but I doubt that they will often eat things (EXCEPT ROCK SALT) that will poison THEM but they will sure eat a bunch of stuff that will amaze YOU.
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