Chicks ate guinea pig bedding?


Mar 15, 2021
One of the older kiddums surprised me by changing the chick bedding without my knowing--a very sweet gesture that I won't make her feel bad about, however ..

She used that fluffy, white guinea pig bedding, and the chicks seemed to prefer it over their starter for some bizarre reason!

They crops are so full of the fluff bedding that you can see the white of it through their skin. I'm totally at a loss. What on EARTH do I do here? 😰
Make sure they have chick grit available and are taking water. Get rid of the paper bedding, and you can cover it with paper towel which they should not eat. A bit of chilled coconut oil cur into small pieces might be good to get them to peck at, which will hopefully get them to expel the paper bedding.

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