Chicks become lazy and die

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    Jul 29, 2016
    I have chicks at home since around 5-6 weeks. Earlier i had 11 farm baby chicks. Gradually one after another chicks became lazy and were not eating and drinking and died at the end. 8 out of 11 died in same way. 3 died of other reason.
    Then i had 4 domestic chick (not baby chick). 1 died in same way. Now 3 left.
    1 chick out of 3 have became lazy and not eating and drinking.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] When i try to catch it, it don't resist much and don't shout like the healthier two domestic chicks.
    Chicks stay in roof (concrete flooring) whole day. Coop is made of ply wood. Back of coop is wall and some sand on floor of coop.
    The chicks try to catch Housefly but they can't . No other insect is there except tiny ants. And Chipmunk come there to steal some chi I usually feed them cooked/boiled rice and pearl millet.

    What is happening to them? And whats the cure?

    Healthy Brown Chicken:
    Lazy brown chicken :
    lazy brown chicken not eating:
    Coop: and
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    [​IMG] Boiled rice and millet does not provide a balanced diet. They need a balanced commercial diet or if that is not available protein, vitamin and vegetable supplements to what you are feeding them.
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    Yup, it sounds like me like malnutrition could be a factor.
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