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  1. Brokenegg

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    Oct 20, 2008
    Destiny Farm in Brighton, Michigan is hatching and will have available for pickup starting the week of March 1st thru the fall of 2009.
    All Chicks are $3.50 ea.
    Silkie's, Aruacana's, Rhode Islands, Leghorns, ISA's, White rocks,
    Buff Orpington's, More Types soon
    All the chick supplies you need and advice is free.
    Call now and we will hold a few for you.
    Ask us about our coop's we build.
  2. festivefeet

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Hey there.

    I contacted you by email, but never heard back.

    Email read:

    I found your site today and had some questions.

    First: What types of chicks do you have available right now? How old are they?

    Second: We have already gotten some chicks for our backyard (6). They were all supposed to be sexed pullets, however, we are certain one is a rooster and one came to us sick and is still struggling. So we may be left with only four hens. [​IMG] When I checked into backyard chickens I checked the township ordinance where we live (we live in Milan Township, MI). We are not supposed to have chickens according to the ordinance and guidelines. However, we ignored the ordinance and built the coop that sits back on our property and got six chickens. We are taking our chances, I know. But, I ran across the "Right to Farm" Law on your website and wondered if we really can be prohibited to raise chickens? I was a bit nervous to keep our pullet that turned out to be a rooster, for fear that people would be bothered by his crow. But my daughter is in love with him and I can't imagine getting rid of him. Wondered if you could give me more info?

    Thanks a bunch.
  3. Felicia

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Can you please post pictures of your flock? [​IMG]

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