Chicks!! But some advice please


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
One egg cracked on day 19. Yesterday he progressed through to cracking the egg 1/3 of the way. It is now the morning of day 20 and he has not progressed any further, however, one egg which had no marks has come out completely! Rapid progress in comparison! Should i be worried about the slow one?

A third egg is breaking through as i write this. The other three eggs havnt even pipped yet :(
Don't worry, chicks can take up to 24 hours to hatch completely. Just make sure the humidity is high enough, so the membrane doesn't dry out and stick to the chick.
Thanks. The one causing concern had been at the same position for at least 28 hours now :/ i saw his beak out chirping this morning though. But nothing now.

When can i open the incubator? and when do i need to intervene to help him?!
I think you should help him. Take him out of the bator and see if it's still alive. If it is, zip the shell open so it can get out. If there's blood hang on a bit and put it back for an hour. Just make sure you make the membrane wet.
Good luck!

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