Chicks coming,layer mix for first few days? Grit?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DenverBird, Feb 4, 2011.

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    The FR chicks are coming soon but I won't be able to get the 26% starter until a few days after they arrive. I've got plenty of 17% layer mix that's very fine and consists of small grains (millet, barley, and others) and also has a large "powder" fraction.

    Is there any reason not to feed hatchlings the layer mix for a couple of days until we get the high-protein starter?

    My thought is that it's probably at least as good as what they'd get in the wild and that folks didn't always have tested high protein mixes for their chicks...

    Also, what about supplying grit for the little ones?


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  2. Fred's Hens

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    With chicks coming, I ALWAYS make sure to have starter on hand.

    Layer mix is too high in calcium for young ones and can cause issues.

    You're better off feeding crushed corn flakes, oat meal, grits, and such from your own cupboard. Yogurt is supposed to be good. And go get some starter crumbles.
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    I lost 2 of my first 3 chicks, years ago, and I think it was because I tried to feed them the layer mix, plus other things to try to supplement and make up for things missing. The layer mix has too much calcium.

    That said, if you just can't get anything else the first day the chicks are there, hard boiled egg plus breakfast cereal or instant oatmeal will do for a day or so.

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