Chicks crying/sceaming at lights out - is this normal?


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Hi all -

We have four chicks. About 6 weeks old now, I guess. We've started turning their light out at night and they go nuts, screaming and crying. Loudly! We'd like to leave them out in the coop overnight, but just don't know if they're ready. Will someone just tell me this is normal and they'll get over it?

Yes, it's normal and they will get over it!
You might try turning their light off while it's still light outside so that it will darken naturally. Mine seem to take that transition more easily than when I would just abruptly turn the light off. Good luck!
All of mine did the same thing, I guess it's normal. Maybe it's because it's an instant lights out and not gradual like the sun setting
The cry for about 5 minutes and go to sleep. I think they will be ok
mine are in an outside brooder in my screened room. i leave the light off during the day and tonight, i'm leaving it off for good. i just snuck out and checked on them and there's not even a peep. everyone is sound asleep (so far) i don't think they realize that the light isn't on yet though....
I started turning the light off for about thirty minutes then turning it back on when they were very young. I did that for about three days and then let it darken naturally in there. ONLY if the weather is permitting and not a chilly night.
I put a small wattage Red party light
in my coop. Mine freaked out when I
tried to get them to go in the coop without
it. It's on a timer, seems to help.
Excellent advice above. None of my poultry will enter the coops if there is not a light on. After they are all in and I do a head count do I turn off the lights. I now keep a 25wt red bulb in with my 9 wk old turkeys and 8 wk chicks at night. It is too hot here now for heat lamps.

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