Chicks Dropping Like Flys!!!!!!!!!!!

Irish Farm

8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I have just got my order of 60 chicks on monday (feb 21). Theres a mix of a bunch of different breeds. THEY ARE DROPPING LIKE FLYS. 5 dead withing the last day and a half. The brooder is plenty big. Temp is about 98-100 degrees. They are drinking eating and running around the brooder. They are all spread out when they are lying down. PLEASE HELP ASAP.

Thanks ahead of time
I always expect a certain number of losses when I get a new batch of chicks delivered. 5 out of 60 is not unexpected. I would not panic, yet. I'd be keeping an eye on them for a while and see if you have any weaklings in the bunch. Any that appear to be weaker than normal I might separate to a smaller brooder to give them a better chance of perking up. The losses may have just been a bit too weak to survive in such a large group.

Sorry for your losses. Good luck with the rest.
What are you feeding them?
Any treats yet?
Do you have young children who have been picking them up?
Can they get away from the heat lamp if they want?
Is the feed and water too close to the heat lamp?
Where is the thermometer in your brooder? How far/close to the heat lamp?

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