Chicks drying out in shell from fan?

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    Is it posible that the fan in the incubator is drying out the chicks in their shell? Or do you think that I just have a humidity issue and it dosen't have anything to do with the fan? I built a homemade incubator and the eggs are getting ready to hatch. 1 of the chicks started to pip last night and hasn't moved since last night. I don't know if it is all dryed out in there or not. The humidity according to a gage that I have in there is around 60%. The gage isn't very expensive though so I don't really know how accurite it is. Well thanks for all your help. 21 days is today by the way.
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    What I would personally do:

    Pick up the egg and look at the shell membrane, if its opaque, I'd peel off a tiny bit more to see if its translucent(moist) if it seems dry then it might of dried out. Put a wet sponge in the incubator. If the chick is really dried into the shell you may need to help it out. But wait a few hours first since its only the 21st day it may take up to 24 hours for them to pip and flop.

    I calibrate humidity gauge every time(you dont need to but I do because I'm a nut hehe) before incubating eggs.

    You need table salt, water, cup and a large ziplock freezer bag. Pour 1/2 cup of table salt and 1/4 cup of water in a coffee cup. Stir the two together and it will look like wet sand. Place your gauge and the salt mixture(that's in the cup) in the ziplock freezer bag and seal well. place it where you wont have to move it for 12 hours. Do not open the bag until you see what the humidity reading is. It should read 75% If it does not then just calculate the difference and tape it onto your gauge so next time you know [​IMG]

    *put some oil in the salt mixture and use it as a body scrub!! [​IMG] (maybe that's why I calibrate the humidity everytime lol!)
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