Chicks eating pine shavings?

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8 Years
Sep 16, 2013
I have one week old chicks that appear to be pecking at and eating their pine shavings. Is this ok? They are acting fine drinking eating and pooping, however two of my chicks have firm marble sized crops....
Kinda worried and oh, in case you hadn't noticed I am brand new to this chicken thing!
It's fine if they eat a little bit of pine shaving, but too much isn't healthy for them. Anyways, most pine shaving pieces are too bug for chicks to swallow. My chicks usually pecked at the bedding because of fallen chick food or just plain curiosity. :D The hard bumpy crops that you are seeing is just the result of your chicks having a very satisfying meal! It's usually nothing to fear of.:)
Thanks! I just can't stop worrying about everything. They look and act great and are very sweet to watch. this chicken thing is a little bit nerve wracking

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