Chicks eating random stuff and poop


8 Years
Feb 22, 2011
Spokane, WA
Our chicks , 1 week and I'm guessing about 2 weekers, are pecking at the roost stick we put in the brooder. They try to peel off stuff from the board over their brooder (only have access to it when we have them out to wander).They actually get stuff off then chase each other around to get it. They 'seem' to actually be eating it. When they are out to play they pick up random crumbs from the kids, dog hair and the like and again 'seem' to be ingesting it.

My question is: Is this enough eating of other stuff to require grit? (I'm guessing not really...but....)

The poop question. They poop ALOT! I know chickens poop a bunch, but really these little chicks can poop 8-10 times in a 15 minute span while they are out to play. I've never had chicks only grown chickens (who were never in my living room) so I wasn't so keenly aware of the poop! And while I'm asking about poop...a bonus one to embarrass myself. Sometimes the poop is normal chicken poop and other times a really runny slop...from the same little chick in the same 10 minutes.

Man I feel like a first time mama here calling the ped for every little shudder my baby makes.....

Normal though right?

All sounds very normal. They are learning about what to eat so like any little thing they sample everything!

Poops vary a little. It's when you are seeing several nasty runny poops fro mteh same chick you know you have problems.
I love it! A poop page and now I certainly can see my chicks are normal!!

Any thoughts about the need for grit?

Im just north of you! Live on Loon Lake. We plan on getting chicks here soon... still have to build a coop and everything. Good luck with your chicken poop;)
River sand (contains all sand grades) is good to let them play in. They will peck it and dust bathe in it.
Most chick start feeds contain some grit premixed in. This helps them digest their chick feed. However, I like to give them the sand as a treat to play with and it acts as extra grit for them. Helps when they are eating stuff other then their main diet food.
The only thing I found from a grit standpoint that was the appropriate size was construction sand. available at any of the big box stores. $2.77 for a 50lb bag......should last a while. My chickies love it. Watching a 2 week old chick take a dust bath is priceless.

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