Chicks eating some of the pine shavings


8 Years
Jan 21, 2012

I had my chicks on newspaper for the first week and a half and just changed that out for pine shavings. They have been pecking at the shavings for the past few hours now and do seem to be eating some of the smaller pieces. They had been eating well before this, so I'm not concerned that they don't know what their food is. I'm just wondering if ingesting some of the pine shavings will harm them.

I'm assuming they're just curious and will eventually stop eating it.

Mine are 4 weeks old on Tues, and they do they same thing, and have been for awhile. As far as I can tell, and from other people's experiences regarding this, they will be fine!! I just keep watching their poops...can't seem to stop ever since they had pasty butt the first week!! Everything keeps coming out fine and healthy!! I'd say not to worry!!
Really pretty normal, it new to them so tasting it and playing with it entertains them. They will eat their food. They also might be eating bits of food that got flung out of the feeder.
Thanks for the replies. I feel much better. Being a first timer can be a bit stressful!

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