chicks flipping heads and itching?

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10 Years
Mar 14, 2010
I just got some week old silkie chicks yesterday and they seem odd to me. They are "flipping" their heads and seem to be ithcing themselves. They are so you and tiny I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts?
Feathers starting to come in seems like it is a pretty itchy thing for chicks. Mine are about that same age and I see them doing the flip and itch moves fairly often. It isn't a constant thing though, they still stop to eat and take sudden naps. I'm sure someone more experienced will have a better answer for you but as long as they seem fine other than the itch I bet they are perfectly normal and just growing up.
Sounds like mites on their bodies and in there ears. (Since all of them are doing it). Check them over good. If they have mites, put them in an area with loose dirt or sand and let them dust themselves. That will usually get rid of them off of their bodies. If they have mites in their ears, there are meds for that. Your local feed store should have it. You may have to treat the area you have them in also. Again, your local feed store should have this.

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