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Jun 11, 2009
We have ordered a few more chicks than we can house. We will have 2 Brahma bantams and 1-2 Buff Orpingtons for pickup in Northern Westchester, NY, first week of July.
I might be interested in the bantams depending on how my eggs are progressing when I candle them on Tuesday. If my eggs are not developing (they were shipped and I'm not sure if they had a good trip), I'd love to take them! I ordered bantams to arrive the end of March, and out of the 15 we ordered, only 6 of them made it past the first 24 hours of their arrival and are still around with us today. I hope yours handle the traveling better! Where in Northern West. are you? I am in Shrub Oak and the only other person around here I know with chickens is a friend in Put. Valley.
Hello mcdaid36. I sent you a PM, but as I'm new to this forum (and to chickens) I'm not sure you received it. I would like to hear back from you if you are still interested in Brahma bantams. I will also, hopefully, have one Buff Orpington to give away. Interested?

Here is what I wrote to you yesterday:
Hello, The chicks ship out on June 29. They are all female. I ordered a few more than I wanted, because of MyPetChicken's minimum and recommendations. If they all arrive safe and sound, I would have three Brahma bantams (color buff) for pick up. We live near Bedford Hills, so it's not that far from Shrub Oak. I have never had chickens before, but I assume they would need at least a couple of days to get over the trip with USPS and that maybe they would be ready to get picked up the week after July 4. I would prefer them leaving before my daughter gets too attached to them. The remaining Bantams are for her, and then I'm getting a few Buff Orpingtons for eggs. I paid $10 each for the bantams, but I would give them away if money is a concern. I would love for them to get a good home.

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