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    We have 2 Cochins on eggs. One had 3 eggs and we came out an hour and a half later and there were 2 eggs and a dead cold chick. How could that have happened so fast? [​IMG]

    The other Cochin is on 5 eggs. We picked up one and heard chirping inside. When I handed it back the hen pecked a hole accidentally trying to peck me. I can see the baby chicks beak and it's chirping. But..does the baby need to be out of there by a certain time? I am really worried about the mothering abilities of my hens. They are also about 4 ft off the ground. I just don't know if we need to move them or do something as they start to hatch and if we should try and take care of the chicks or leave them to the hens.

    I am not sure what was wrong with the dead one. The shell seemed rather bloody. Not sure how normal that is. And there was a mound on its belly. I know nothing about what it looks like them drawing in the yolk. I have no baby chick hatching experience. We have always ordered baby chicks but our hens really want to be mothers and were broody so we decided to just see what they did. But dead chicks are so sad!

    I could use any advice, please!
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    I don't know about broodys but, I think I wouldnt put them so high from the ground. I would move them tonight to a safer place closer to the ground unless it is screened in so the babies don't fall out of the nest. Hopefully someone will come along to help you out more. Good luck on the rest of the hatch. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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