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Jul 24, 2016
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Thank you. I’ll let her sit and hope for the best lol. The first time I ever a hen go broody, she hatched 4 out of 5. Then she left the egg by itself all day. So finally I took it out to toss it and I felt it flutter and could hear the faint little chirping and then it pipped in my hand! I made a little make shift incubator; shoe box, dry towel, damp washcloth and a heating pad. And it hatched in my bedroom! Coolest thing ever!
That is definitely the coolest thing ever.....EVER!


May 19, 2015
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Hi chicadee. I love natural breeding too. But not all of it. And have been reading how to avoid problems with hatching.

I.g. hens leave the nest two days after the first chick hatched. For her the chicks are more important then the eggs.

I like this way of controlled breeding:
When a hen is starting to get broody and I want offspring I take away the eggs, mark them with a date and let her sit on fake eggs for tree days. If she is still broody I change the fake eggs with the marked eggs. New eggs from other chickens without a mark I take away. After 8-9 days I candle the eggs. This is a good moment to see which eggs are alive. I take the eggs without live out.

This way all the chicks hatch within a day or two. If the hen leaves the nest I am quit sure that the egg(s) who didnt hatch has a dead embryo inside.

I used this method 2 x while having a rooster. And 1 x buying eggs from another breed.

I hope you (or someone else) like this info for the next time you want chickens from fertile eggs.


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I, honestly, felt like a horrible person. Lol
Hello there and welcome to BYC! :frow

Don't be hard on yourself. :hugs Its just part of the learning process. Especially with hatching, things happen, even with the hen.

Make yourself at home here, ask any questions you may have. :)


Nov 16, 2019
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Thanks for all the positive messages. No new chicks today. I’ve never experienced a rotten egg. If one is bad will it be noticeable before it’s tooo late? The only one I’m concerned with at this point is #5. The last of the first eggs she started with. Egg is full, so all you can see is the air sac. Curiosity killed #1 yesterday. . The other three left still have time as long as she stays on them a few more days.
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