Chicks hate their coop!!


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I have 8 chickens, 2 buff brahma bantams, 1 golden laced polish, 1 buff orpington, and 4 white silkies. I moved them into their cage about one month ago (they are currently al little less than 2 months old) and they so far have enjoy the run and area to run around. There is a ladder leading up to the coop area and at first I thought they were not going up because they were too small to use the ladder. However, now they are using the ladder (to jump onto the roosting bar in the run) but they refuse to go into the coop. Only the non-silkies sit on the roost, I don't know if this is because the silkies can't really fly or because the rest of the chicks are a week older. I tried placing all of them in the coop and closing them in it but they absolutely hated it! They kept complaining nearly all night and morning so I finally opened the run up to them again. Even if I okay the coop door slightly or am closely it they desperately attempt to jump out and start trying to climb up my hand to get out. They normally LOVE their treats, such as scrambled eggs, but they won't even go in the coop to get treats. They avoid it all costs and are absolutely terrified. My coop is located in the garage so warmth is not a big issue, however, I still want them to sleep in the coop when winter comes around. The coop has no issues I have noticed, it is the same temperature, there are no bugs, and the bedding is very comfortable and they will not even go in there during the day so I know lighting is probably is not an issue. If I have to close them in the coop again should I place their feeder and waterer in it as well? What should I do, I am afraid as they are getting older they will never get used to their coop!

Thank you so much for all your help!
The coop has two small windows I am not sure they are sufficient so I will try putting a light and hope it works!
The coop has two small windows I am not sure they are sufficient so I will try putting a light and hope it works!
I use a timer and something like a night light or a small wattage bulb. If the coop is kinda dark in the day they probably want go into it then either. You might try a small light and let it run during the day and cut off a couple hours after dark. I just moved 20 3 1/2 months old ones into a new coop last night----this evening the light came on a little before dark and some waited till almost black dark but they ALL put theirself in the coop and on the roost----I was pleased----some times I have to help the first night or two. They would have not went in at all if the small light hadn't been on. Good Luck.
Thank you so much that really helps! Also do you think I could use a really dim bulb and just leave it on all night?

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