chicks HELP DIEING!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by froggy, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. froggy

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    May 27, 2007
    It is day 25 and nothing no pips and lost the 3 pips i had when they hatched please tell what I am doing wrong.I know humidity has a lot to do with but not sure how to tell what the hunidity is .
  2. i think day 25 is just about as long as you can go and still hope for some viable peeps. To measure humidity, i used a reptile thermometer/hygrometer, like this one:'s&cm_ite=401862&CAWELAID=201377922

    Not sure if that link will come through okay, but it's made by Flukers.

    Other people use other methods. You may want to do a search on humidity under this section.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Agreed...It is wise to keep track of your humidity readings and temps all thru the incubation period....Lots of posts on the search button and in the Learning center....

    You need to good temp/hygrometer like a flukers, taylor makes good ones, I have always used an Accurite from Wal-mart.....Springfields from Wal-mart do work too.....

    Always use the correct temp set for your kind of incubator..

    Humidity levels should be in the 40 to 50% range for the first 18 days and 60 to 70% range for the last 3...some use alittle higher for the last 3 around 75%...just depends on what part of the country you are in .....

    25 is really at the tail end of hoping for chicks to hatch if the temps and humidity have been off or low...

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