Chicks in Day tractor (pix)

florida lee

8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
Chicks has outgrown their night brooder, so put them in the day brooder outside. Now looks like they've outgrown it. So yesterday I moved them to the day tractor. Thunder storms rolled in last night so they did not resist moving them back to the brooder. Only keeping them in the day brooder and day tractor until they are big enough for the main tractor. which by the size and rate of growth will be very soon.



there's always a dog looking on longingly at the chickens, isn't there? I have one too. She was sure the coop was her special new dog house, she couldn't believe her eyes when we put the chickens in and closed the door.

Your tractor looks great. I can't decide what I want for mine, yours looks simple and easy to move. Will it be tall enough when they are full grown?
"BlueBetween" from the ground to the top its about 21". Should be high enough.... bare in mind that this is only a" day tractor" for them right now at this size. In a few weeks they will be moved to the main tractor. With more room "upstairs" in the coop and more room "downstairs" in the run. then this day tractor will only be used when I need to work on or clean the main tractor.

"Rowdydog"... yes, I built the main tractor, day tractor and the day outside brooder. now working on a stationary coop and run. I learn as I go.

main tractor

outside brooder

day tractor
I have never found a forum that I felt the need to post anything on before. BYC is such a great site for new chicken people and I am sure it won't get old as my experience grows. Anyway, I built my coop as economical as I could. Ya that worked out good. I can't free range because as I don't have a fence around my yard. Now I have a good idea as to how to let the girls move around the yard. Thanks.

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