Chicks in Oregon


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Ok maybe I am counting my chicks befor they hatch but I have 35 eggs in my bator with another 18 going in some time in the next week . In April my sons class is doing a hatching project and I will have more chicks as long as everything goes well.
I could have as many as 50 chicks avalible around April first .
There will be some pure RIR , some mixed RIR / BR and RIR/wynndote, allso I orderd mixed eggs that could have lots of diffrent kinds includeing banty.
Is anyone intersted in chicks from oregon.
I would like to charge 1.00 per chick to cover some cost but its more important for me to make shure they have a home so I will give some away for free if needs be

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