Chicks in spring..Question!


10 Years
Nov 21, 2009
Im just wondering what the basics are for chicks..I have a rubber tub thingy from Wal Mart and I little waterer they can have. I need to buy something (or find
) for their food. And which food is it that they need? Chick starter? I guess the ones were ordering will come in May, I think, so will they have their feathers by winter? I live in MN and its gonna be cold!
Also as for heat for the brooder, I have a heat lamp but do I just throw the heat lamp over the top and leave it at that till their ready? How old do they need to be before they go outside with the big coop? If I'm lucky I hope own of my hens will go broody by that time..Im letting a hen hatch out 4 eggs in March too. So yep Im kinda inexperienced with chicks..but am determined to succesfully raise these babies! Also when I let my hen hatch out those four eggs, what do they need to eat? They will just be in the big coop, no seperation or nothin..

Any help will be greatly GREATLY appreciated! Thanks
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