Chicks in their new coop - some questions

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lunabyrd, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Jul 7, 2010
    My 6 RIR chicks are about 4.5 weeks old and just moved to their brand new coop. I upgraded their feeder/waterer to the 2 gallon metal drums (which seems huge at this stage). I got nervous that they weren't eating/drinking, and so put the old quart jar feeder/waterer back in. Should I just trust that they will adapt to the new ones, or should I leave the old ones in there for a while? The coop has a couple windows and every time I look in, they are sleeping, not eating ... hmmm .... are they just undergoing transplant shock (like my hydrangeas!), and if so, what can I do to help???

    What's this about vitamin supplements for your chicks? I don't use medicated feed, should I be helping boost their immune systems?

    Also, I'm trying to figure out the best way to compost pine shavings. I've heard mention of this "pile on method" and I'm wondering how tall this pile gets, as my coop is only 4' tall. I was thinking of piling on for a little while (a month??) but then using it as the "brown matter' of my compost. Any thoughts or recommendations on either composting or easy clean methods would be awesome.

    Thank you!!!
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    Quote:Hi and Welcome.

    Under the Coop and Run Construction, etc Heading is a special topic about the Deep Litter Method which is what I think you are talking about.

    My girls are about 12-16 weeks old now and I worried about everything. Guess what, they all figure it out. They are secretly eating when you are not there so you have something to worry about. [​IMG]

    Mine had a thing about not going in at night. About 1/2 got it in a few nights, the rest took over a week to figure it out. Then it was a MONTH before they figured out what the roost was for. Now every night we go out they are all lined up on the roost looking at us quizically when we put the light out and lock the doors.

    WRT vitamins, I do not supplement, but that is me. I will be adding oyster shells to their diet in a few weeks as they are getting close to laying age.

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    just my opinion so [​IMG] they could be in shock. I moved my 2 month olds outside at the beginning of this month because they were getting too big for the brooder, plus i have more on the way lol. so it took my chickies a few days to get adjusted but they have settled in quite nicely, they slept too so I wouldnt be too worried about it. If you want you can get vitamin supplement and put it in their water.

    And see if that helps them. I still give mine theirs and it helps but thats just me though. Im sure that they will be okay in a few days. Going outside is a whole new experience for them lol. Yeah it can be a little never racking huh
    but dont worry okay. Its nice to be on this website because alot of people are here to help you in anyway. Anyway as long as they are fine and act like chickies then I wouldnt worry.

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