Chicks just hatched what should I do?


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Apr 1, 2009
My tiny bantam hen just hatched 2 chicks. She was kicke out of her nest by my regular sized chicken who has gone broody and taken over the rest of the eggs. The chicks somehow got down a 4 foot drop to a new nest box on the floor with bantam mamma. I just bought medicated chick feed. I know it isn't good to feed that to adults. So should I take them away and put them in my brooder and hand raise them. Or leave them with mama and they'll never be social cause my other birds aren't. Then what do I feed the whole flock. I have 2 girls still laying.
The medicated feed won't harm them. Medicated feed usually contains a small amount of amprolium, which is a thiamine blocker. It has no egg withdrawal, so you can also eat the eggs you get from the hens who'd been eating this feed. Make sure you offer the layers some form of calcium in a separate feeder/container though. Crushed oystershell or egg shells are both excellent sources of calcium.

It will be better to let the bantam raise the chicks and raise them with the rest of the flock. This way they will be part of the group and you will not have introduction and integration issues later on. Spend as much time as possible with them, so they'll get used to you and encourage them by offering treats when you visit. Letting them associate you with pleasant things (treats) will go a long way to getting them tame and friendlier. Good luck and enjoy your chicks!
Thank you very much. I will leave her be. I was wondering though I have a huge 10 gallon waterer. Should I put rocks in it so the chicks don't drown? Or would it be better to put the hen and babies in a separate cage with food and water for a week or so, in the coop?
If there is any possibility of the chicks getting soaked or drowning in the waterer then yes, put some stones or something in it. I also add a few shallow dishes to the usual watering arrangement for the chicks to use and I put some clean pebbles in it, though marbles also works well.

If the other chickens are bothering the hen and her chicks it may be a good idea to separate them like you described, otherwise leave them where they are.

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