Chicks Leg Out To The Side. New To This. Please Help!


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
Hello Everyone!
So, I have never in my life raised chickens but I'm a fast learner and I'm excited for this new adventure!

My 11 yr. old daughter found four eggs in the drainage ditch at the bus stop about 4 weeks ago. The people who used to live in the house
by the ditch raised chickens.
So my daughter brings these eggs home without my knowing and she places them on a heating pad and gets one of her dads work lights
and puts in her closet to help keep them warm. I found the eggs about a week are so later.
I was supper amazed that she knew what to do! I'm happy to say that all four chicks hatched last week.
But one chick who is 3 days old can't seem to walk. Both legs are out to the side of the body and I'm not sure what to do.
Is it just a slow learner and begin to walk later then the others? Are is there something wrong? I have added a picture so
you can understand better what I mean about the leg. Please Help!

We have the chicks on a towel in a large box. The other 3 are doing great and boy do they grow fast!
Thank you for the info and quick reply.

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