Chicks Look Very Sleepy!! HELP!!!!!!


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Roanoke Alabama
I have some Lav Orp, BCM, and Golden Cuckoo marans chicks in a pen off the ground. They are about 8-10 weeks old if not older. They dont look good. Some are walk bent over like they cant stand up and a couple are standing there like a young baby fighting sleep. I watched one close eyes and open and then close again and almost fall over. They were even drinking water with their eyes closed. What is this and why is it happening. I dont wanna lose any, got to much invested in them. Plz Help
what have you tried for them? have you given them any electrolytes? how about save a chick from tractor supply, might also try baby vits like poly-vi-so w/o iron. Wish I could help more but I am at a loss. what is your weather like where you are? have you checked them for lice/mites?
i just put tetramycin(Sp?) in their water today. This was the first time ive noticed them droopy. We've been having warm weather but the past two days its gotten back cool and rainy. its 46 outside now.
I had a full grown hen that acted like that for weeks. I didnt know what to do for her but it seemed like for a whole week she did everything very sleepily and even acted like she really tried to open her eyes but justt couldnt.
She died and i never did find out what happened to her.
I hope you find out what is wrong with yours
I thought that came from the soil? These chicks haven't been on the ground yet.
please see post #15.

Oh wow. I never knew this. I have corid here. Im going now to put some in water. I brought them in a bit ago and put under heat lamp. It's suppose to be 30 tonight and I found one dead. So maybe heat and corid will fix this.

Now if it is cocci will ally babies catch it? I have 12 in another brooder and eggs on bator and many eggs coming soon. What dobi do to prevent this again

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