Chicks loved egg....Grass not so much

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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Today I cleaned the chicks pen and after I put them back I decided to attempt to win their love by giving them boiled egg. My 2 BRs loved it and eagerly ate out of my hand, I couldn't tear it into small pieces fast enough for them
. One of my black sex links quickly decided I was okay and joined the BRs but my last 3 sex links (reds and black) wanted it soooo bad and would come within an inch of my fingers and then chirp and run around like crazy. When one chick would get a bit of egg they would all chase each other which was quite the entertainment!

After they had their fill of that I dug up a small maybe, 3inx3in, piece of ground with grass/dirt/rocks and placed it in the chicks brooder. They didn't like it
Such silly chicks I have! I've left it in the brooder and when I went out last it looked like it had been messed with a little bit but not much. Sure hope they get over that!

Here is one of my red sex links investigating


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