Chicks' moving day w/pics

LD Jackson

8 Years
May 1, 2011
Roland, OK
Well, I finally got the coop finished enough to open the bigger section to the chicks. They seem to be enjoying the extra space and have already figured out how to jump up to the little ledge and go back to the smaller section, which I hope they will use as a nesting area in a few months. I may have to cut the hole bigger when they are grown. It's not perfect, but I will be making improvements as I go along. I didn't take a picture of the front, but it is hardware cloth and I plan to hang a tarp over the front during the winter. For now, they seem to like the extra breeze it provides. I still have to get some sealer and try to stop the couple of leaks I have, but it will do for now.





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Just went and checked on them, as the sun is setting, and they seem to be enjoying themselves. I can already see evidence that at least one of them has found their way to the roost. Probably jumped to the ledge and then to the roost.
well its a nice set up but for my birds id have to move the feeders away from the roosts cause they would fill them at night with poop
This is working for the time being because the chicks are not using the roost yet. One or two of them have been on it during the day, but they are still cuddling up on the floor, in a corner, at night. I am still trying to decide what kind of feeder system I am going to use when they are grown.
ginger c. :

looks like a great setup! great job!

Thanks, ginger c. What you see as my coop is a converted pigeon loft. It's not ideal, but I think it will work. It should help that they will be turned loose to range in our backyard most of the day, if the weather permits.​

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