Chicks not gaining weight?


Apr 6, 2020
Hey all! Just wondering, is it normal to have chicks from the same breed and hatch to be drastically different in sizes?

I have two Araucana chicks two weeks old, one weighs 85grams, the other only 30grams! The other chick is tiny, but still seems to eat and drink okay?

I also have three one week old silkie chicks, weighing in at 32, 33, and 39 grams. Still pretty tiny!

I have two other Ara chicks but they died about 24 hours apart last week; no apparent reason - I just woke up and they were dead in the brooder 😟

They are eating medicated chick starter crumble and fresh water. I have recently in the last 24hrs added some Coxiprol (amprollium) in their water in case of possible Coccidiosis, but can’t see any blood in their poo, just the odd poop which seems kind of mucous like? 🤢

First pic is of the tiny partridge araucana, second of all of them eating (lavender baby is the larger Ara) of the same age.

Any advice appreciated!



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