Chicks not growing!


10 Years
May 1, 2009
I have new babies, I got them from the hatchery on Wednesday! A couple of them don't look as if they are growing at all. They are 6 days old. I am giving them medicated chick starter and Quik Chik in their water. Most of them look well and growing, there seem to be a few that aren't! Have you any suggestions for me? I have temps at 92, do you think it should be warmer for the teeny Cochin bantams?

Thanks much!
we didn't use a thermoter in the brooder,(co-op sold me a candy therometer) so, I went by their behavior... if they were too cold they would pile, then I'd lower their heat lamp, and so forth.. we've not lost one yest from doing it this way... also are the chicks that don't seem to be growing a different breed than the ones thriving? Our silver laced wyandottes were late to bloom, they stay a bit smaller than our other chicks of the same age... BO, RIR, BR & EEG
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