chicks not wanting to drink after being shipped.

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  1. I got some chicks today and followed the directions from the hatchery. Dipped the beak in water, made sure the water was 98 degrees. None of the chicks were interested in drinking. I sprinkled some feed crumbles on the floor and they started eating but no drinking. Several hours passed and still no drinking. I put some poultry grit in the water and they were all guzzling water within minutes. Initially they were trying to eat the grit.
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    Welcome to BYC! When I got my first chicks they didn't drink right away, but started eating and then took a nap. When they woke up one of them figured out that there was water and then the others saw him drinking and started drinking too. They just need to figure it out. It helps to put marbles in the waterer at first.

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