Chicks on water oak leaves??


8 Years
Aug 2, 2011
Midway, GA
I am raising 10 chicks for a friend. I started with 12. I have them on water oak leaves because that's what we have available for free. Bedding is changed at least twice weekly and food/water every day. They're in a plastic dog crate in a garage. I've lost 4 so far and have no idea what's going on.

They are eating medicated feed because that's what the feed store has. They are 2-3 weeks old and are just dying one by one. I can't find any fungal issues and don't have any idea what's causing this. These are healthy, otherwise hardy chicks that are dying. Is there some issue with oak leaves I should be aware of??
Sorry about your chicks, I would wonder about the oak leaves, all oak parts contain tannins and pretty much all the sites you look at mention animals have been poisoned from drinking water that had oak leaves soaking in it... not just from eating acorn or the spring leaves, I would wonder about chicks eating the leaves even though normally chickens don't, or just from living in them all the time.

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