chicks or ipod


8 Years
May 6, 2011
next spring im either going to buy a new ipod touch or build a new coop and get more chicks which should i do?
chicks are better than electronic stuff any day
well, reguardless of the chicken obsessed people you happen to be asking for advice, keep in mind that Apple is ALWAYS coming out with the next latest greatest the time you get that new iPod, the next one will be hitting the market
Psshhh chicks ANY day.

Agreed on the "if you have to ask" though - That is true.
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But no really....Instead of an Ipod just get am mp3 player, or a generic Ipod! Or there are plenty of used ones you can buy really cheap! And then you will have the fun of music AND plenty of money left over for chickens! So be smart and have both!

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