Chicks outside ?


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Jul 20, 2016
Because my brooder is too small, I'm trying to keep my chicks outside most of the time so they don't start pecking. The weather here is about 76- 83 degrees F. The coop keeps them shaded, but there's always a breeze. Are they okay out here or is the breeze too cold? They're a month old.
At one month, your chicks are just fine with those temps. As for the breeze, they should have enough feathering by this time that any cool breezes won't be any problem unless they happen to get soaked in one of your daily rain showers.
I agree....Those temps sound perfect to me!
Welcome to BYC and congrats on raising chickens!
Welcome to BYC! Our temperatures are way lower than yours at the moment and I have been putting my small chicks (about 10 days old now) outside during the day, breeze and all. They are doing great!

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