Chicks Pecking Beaks - Bleeding badly, maimed!!

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    Aug 8, 2011
    I have been having some problems with my 3 week old chicks. They have been pecking at each other;s beaks and making them bleed. I have taken out the offending ones and kept them seperate from the others and then it seems another starts in. Then I got some blue-kote and put it on their beaks, this didnt seem to help much. This morning I found the worst one yet, the poor little chick's beak looks to be crooked from being pecked at badly on both sides. Its was bleeding and having trouble breathing, I took her out and consoled her and put blue-kote on and stopped the bleeding. I need help thought! I have read so many ideas on here Im not sure which one to try! I need to do something about this now before she dies. How do I clean her up? What do I use? What can I do about keeping them from hurting each other? I cant very well seperate all of them, I only have 5, but they need to be with other chicks for companionship and warmth. I took out the one that hurt the other one so badly and it is in its on box with food and water right now, but I cant keep it in there forever. PLEASE! Can someone please help me, I was out sobbing this morning with this little hurt chick and I cant keep going through this. I have 3 full grown hens and a rooster, they are all a year old and they never did this. I am raising these new chicks the same way as the others, I just dont know what wrong. I have them seperate from the adult chickens, they have adequate food and water (I am feeding the medicated chick starter and a little grit mixed in since they dont have access to the dirt and grass right now), I have a red heat lamp that I put on at night, they have a chicken box, but its obviously very large, so they all cuddle in there together to sleep. They seem to be fine and I think the pecking has stopped and then I hear one almost screaming it sounds like and go out and sure enought its bleeding from its little beak, I am SO worried that they are going to kill each other!
    Please - if anyone has had this happen to them before and they know what to do to stop it please please please tell me.
    I have read on here something about apple cider vinegar in their water - does anyone know what this would do and if its safe and how much?


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    Try a red lightbulb (not a heat lamp, just a regular bulb) available at Home Depot. When everything looks red, they won't go pecking at the blood from previous pecks.

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