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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by diamondsilkies, May 21, 2019.

  1. diamondsilkies

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    Oct 23, 2017
    Southern Arizona
    I have five pullets right now, about 2 1/2 months old, of all different breeds. They are in my grow out pen with a couple silkies of around the same age. In that pen, I have a large metal waterer, which I have been using for a couple years with no issues. These five, however, love to sit on the top. The only issue with this is that they poop all over it, and into the water tray down below. I am constantly having to swish it out so that they all have access to clean water.

    They have another perch, but for some reason, prefer their waterer instead. In a few months, I'll move them out with the grown flock, which has a nipple water system. My question is this: is there any way I can get them to stop perching on this, or do I just wait it out? Has anyone else had problems with this? It just confuses me because in all the years that I've had chicks with this waterer, I've never had much trouble with it.


    (Here's the waterer in question)
  2. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Yeah I've had that. I haven't had luck breaking them of it. I generally just switch waterers to pans or a plastic dome type.
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  3. chickens really

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    I use Livestock bowl for water too and they don't Roost on that...
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  4. Criticalicious

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    Why not use a bucket with a nipple waterer now, since they need to learn to use it anyway? They are cheap and stay clean even if they roost on top of the bucket.
  5. Take some tin. Or cardboard and make a cone shape. ( liks a dunce cap) Place it on top of your waterer and eliminate the flat surface they are using to roost.
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  6. SueT

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    May 27, 2015
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    All the above suggestions are great. And give them branches and things to get up upon.
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  7. Molpet

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    I put a funnel on top of the waterer... they roost on the highest spot they can... especially the boys
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  8. chrissynemetz

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    I made a cone shaped top out of chicken wire to put on mine when my chicks decided to roost on it. It worked. They grudgingly started using the actual roosts instead :)
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  9. aart

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    Some kind of cone is the way to go.
    Chicken wire might be the best bet.
  10. EggWalrus

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    I took a hinge and a 1ftX2ft piece of plywood. Made a fold down "roof" over the waterer that they slide off if they try to rest on it. And if they roost in the rafters, the poo still doesn't get in the water.
    No more poopy water!
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